What is a Letter of Authority (LOA) and why do we need it?

  • The LOA Direct-Energy use is drafted by the (UIA) Utilities Intermediaries Association and it conforms to all the major energy supplier requirements.
  • You must print it to your own letter headed paper this is also a supplier requirement.
  • The LOA shows suppliers that you the client have authorised us Direct-Energy to ask for information relating to the client’s Electricity & Gas consumptions/rates/billing/contract end date.
  • The LOA also allows Direct-Energy to terminate any contracts for the client as they approach contract end date.
  • Suppliers will not give out information unless we have this document laid out as above.
  • The LOA does NOT allow us Direct-Energy to sign contracts on your behalf, unless agreed by prior arrangement.
  • Please call us on 01260 274 348 if you would like any further information on the LOA.