Direct Energy: Experts in Electricity

Business electricity is Direct Energy’s primary area of expertise. We have been representing UK businesses for over ten years, negotiating the renewal of their electricity supply contracts, and offering specialist advice on the structure of contracts.

Direct Energy has firmly established itself as one of the leading consultancies and brokers in the electricity supply market by offering a comprehensive range of services completely free of charge:

  • We monitor the wholesale energy market to avoid negotiating in periods of inflated prices
  • We consolidate group contracts to maximise your purchasing power
  • We advise on contract lengths, allowing you to renew your contract when prices are lower
  • We analyse the best market rates to maximise savings throughout your contract
  • We analyse electricity usage data to establish the best tariff for you
  • We produce your tender documents for submitting quote requests
  • We use competition within the market to obtain the best electricity contract offers for you
  • We work closely with all our suppliers to enable you to take advantage of market dips
  • We provide a simple and efficient route for setting up of new electricity supply installations
  • We deal with live prices when buying your electricity
  • We provide the option of flexible contracts
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