Are you an energy broker or consultant looking for access to all the leading energy suppliers ??

Are you an energy broker consultant looking for market leading Energy Services Products: Contract negotiation fixed/flexible – New Connections Gas/Electricity – Smart Meters ??

Are you an energy broker consultant who is happy to assist a customer throughout the life of their contracts ??

Are you an energy broker looking to be affiliated with a company that works to a strict code of practice and is an accredited member of The Utilities Intermediaries Association ??

Here at Direct-Energy we support our Partners as if they were one of our own and therefore it is important that they hold the same values as we do. We are one of the  leading energy brokers in the UK , we proactively work with our customers and take pride in assisting them achieve the best possible solutions for their business, we take the opportunity to learn from our customers and most of all we listen and act upon our customers’ needs. In turn, customers value the work we do for them at Direct-Energy and our product mix of procurement offerings and energy services continue to quantify that value in real terms – that means savings!

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