Complaints Procedure

Energy Complaint Procedure for use by Members of the UIA.

This Procedure builds upon the outline process set out in the Code of Practice (CoP) and Articles of Association of the UIA.

This process also meets with the DRAFT Ofgem Code of Practice for Non-Domestic Third Party Intermediaries, Section 4.7 Dispute Resolution. As circulated June 2013

This procedure will be updated to reflect changes to the above documents as they are amended.

It is a requirement of Membership of the UIA through the CoP, that members inform clients of the Code of Practice and their Energy Complaints Handling Procedure by either sending a copy to them or giving easy access to copies of the documents via a web site. This procedure is the minimum to be adopted by Members of the UIA. Members of the UIA will ensure either their employees work to their own procedures or to this Complaint Handling Procedure and that employees are briefed about its use.

Complaint handling procedure.

  1. Complaints will be received from time to time and (Direct-Energy Associates Ltd) will deal with your complaint in a fair and constructive manner as part of our professional Complaint handling process. This will provide feedback and create an opportunity to learn and therefore assist our aim for better standards of service to you our client.
  2. Complaints should be sent by letter or email to: who will acknowledge receipt and provide the contact details of the person responsible for resolving the issues and keeping you updated weekly with progress. Our aim is to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.
  3. If you need to escalate your complaint then contact Mr Paul Johnson on  Tel: 01260-274348.
  4. Where the complaint, in whole or in part, concerns the contract between you and your Supplier, (Direct-Energy Associates Ltd) will advise the Supplier of that complaint within 24 hours. Acknowledgement of this action will also be sent to you.
  5. Where the complaint is, in whole or in part, about an alleged breach of the Code of Practice of the UIA then (Direct-Energy Associates Ltd) will also inform the Office of the UIA.

Complaint Principles

  1. When a complaint is received via a third party i.e. a consumer advice service (such as Consumer Futures or Citizen Advise Consumer Service), (Direct-Energy Associates Ltd) have processes to adequately deal with the matter through this channel.
  2. When a complaint was received at the Office of the UIA, and it is unclear from the content that (Direct-Energy Associates Ltd) has had the opportunity to deal with the issues, then the Office of the UIA will have passed the complaint to us to be handled. A record of this will have been made and we will deal with the complaint as from b) above.
  3. Where we are not able to agree a resolution then you may refer the complaint to the Office of the UIA to be dealt with under its Code of Practice and Disciplinary Procedure. This can be found at Appendix C1
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