Smarter meter technology

Direct Energy can arrange for the installation of Smart Meters enabling your business to have immediate online access to usage and billing information. Our Smart Meters eliminate the need for estimated bills – so often the cause of incorrect billing and over payment.

Smart Meters ensure that what you pay relates exactly to what you use. They also provide continuous monitoring of usage patterns enabling you to save money by increasing the efficient use of energy – a precious and expensive resource.

Other advantages of Smart Meters

  • They can highlight when your business would benefit from a change of tariff (this can be undertaken once in any one-year contract)
  • Multi-site companies can monitor usage remotely
  • They can provide an alert system for when consumption falls outside certain pre-set parameters
  • All reports are produced in PDF format, suitable for inserting into finance tools

Furthermore, as the whole process can be completed online, there is no paper work involved. Smart Meter technology is certainly environmentally friendly, and a ‘must-have’ acquisition for any business committed to an efficient, responsible future.

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